Larry & Claudia Carlson

Larry & Claudia Carlson

The Needle Keeper was invented in 2012 by us! A simple husband and wife team in life, love and ultimately this business. 

I kept breaking my #00 wooden sock needle in my bag and needed a simple solution to protect my investment.

Friends encouraged us to 'tell the world' of our invention so we introduced the Needle Keeper to the public January 2014 at the TNNA held in San Diego.

We've been selling them worldwide since then. In June 2019 our Patent was granted, #10,364,094. 

Sadly, Larry never knew this, the angels came for him all too soon in February 2018. 

Claudia continues to produce, inspect and ship each and every Needle Keeper by hand.



They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...I'm not too sure. Several have made counterfeits and sell on Etsy, Amazon, eBay. The most flagrant is Knitter's Pride, all blatantly stealing our invention.

Now that our patent (#10,364,094) has come through, these imitators will be systematically eliminated.

None have made a product so skillfully, and lovingly as ours. We put our full hearts into each one. 

Made from only the best parts; practically indestructible T6 aircraft-hardened aluminum; pliable, soft, sure-grip silicone cap cannot wiggle off, nor scratch your needles assuring years of continued use; hand-sanded individually for absolutely no sharp edges to damage needles or you! 

Available in 13 brilliant colors.

Only the very best to protect your needles. I appreciate your support.



We knew we needed something lightweight, yet incredibly strong; extremely easy to use; beautiful and safe. After a few months of prototypes and fine tuning, the Needle Keeper was invented.

The edge under the caps are bevel finished smooth so needles have no blunt edge to scrape against. Feel confident with your most delicate of needle tips.

On our SG model, the open end is hand sanded so smooth I scrape it against my inner arm in demos to show how smooth it is. 

It will not snag your yarn, project, bag nor skin! Feel confident shoving the Needle Keeper in your bag next to your precious project and yarn.

I maintain a VERY high standard. Our name is on this!

Soft silicone cap

Needle Keepers

Needle Keepers are hand made in small batches, basically in my back yard! 

After both ends are processed, beveled and/or sanded, depending on if it's an SG (single-cap), or a DB (double-cap) the soft silicone cap is applied.

Our cap is not meant to come off! All of the imposters have caps which come off. How well are your needles protected if the caps come off? They are meant to stay put after many, many, many ins and outs of your needles.

The slit in the cap is fine enough to securely hold needles as thin as US #00 (1.75mm). 



The Needle Keeper was invented to securely hold your thinner needles on your WIP while in your bag, to protect the needles from breakage.

It was soon discovered how well they protect those live stitches, the joints of your needle (where the cable secures to the needle tip), and all the items in your bag as well.

The single-capped version was the first to come to market, followed not long afterwards with the double-capped. 

There is no difference the their functionality. The difference is solely personal taste and aesthetics. 



Needle Keepers are supplied on a 2.75” x 8.5” double-sided, full-color, heavy weight card suitable for display in a basket, or ready for you to hole punch and hang.

Each card proudly displays our Handmade in the USA stamp, as well as our patent number.

The back of the card list all the 13 colors available, ways to use, as well as tips and a few testimonials.

There is ample room to add your price stamp and bar code.

As packaged they make a great gift to all yarnies! Friends love to gift and share!



A standard tube will accommodate up to two US #9 (5.5mm). 

If you wish to protect larger needles, we suggest two tubes-perhaps secured together with a rubber band-a needle in each.



An alternate way to use. A single tube will hold 2 US#9 needles (5.5mm each). If your tips are shorties, and they won't overlap in the center, you can use up to size US#15 (10mm) by inserting one in each each of the DB.



Displayed on each card is our Handmade in the USA stamp.

Each and every Needle Keeper is made by my hands, inspected, packaged and shipped from my home in San Diego, CA